Guangzhou Feineng Electronic Co.,Ltd

Guangzhou Feineng Electronic Co., Ltd was founded in 2005. we professional in produce the electrical products such as high frequency transformer series, filter and ferrite inductor series, new energy amorphous inductance, all kinds of extruded aluminum enclosure ,inverter enclosure series, switching power supply enclosure, chassis, radiator fin hardware series,  we also are the one-stop sourcing high-quality platform of power supply factory. We offer a range of services from electronic

Hot Products

    • In Stock Wireless Charge Sterilizer Box

      In Stock Wireless Charge Sterilizer Box

      Wireless charge + UV disinfection,intelligent switch and protection,60 S quick disinfection,9 ultraviolet LED UVC light,360 degree disinfection in the UV off.sterilization rate up to 99.9%.we have the sterilizer box in stock ,can ship soon.

    • In Stock High Frequency Transformer Winding Machine

      In Stock High Frequency Transformer Winding Machine

      Automatic or manual feeding,the Automatic 12-axis winding and gluing machine is suitable for the many high frequency transformers,the computer control and equipped with a touch screen,operate easy,easy to learn and maintain.our winding machine have mltiple functions are available for users to choose freely.

    • UV Sterilization Machine

      UV Sterilization Machine

      High sterilizing rate 99.9%,multi-functian,healthcare,can disinfect many kinds of products,mask,wallet,mobilphone,keys,toys,make up tools,socks,towel,watch,glasses,jewelry,very useful,open the cover,the UV light will auto shutdown.very safty.