Inverter Box Enclosure

Super Inverter box enclosure Feneng, the professional Inverter box enclosure supplier, welcome to visit our factory ! Product detail Best-selling of Inverter box enclosure drawing The Inverter box enclosure size only for width and height, because the length is variable. If the finished size...

Product Details

Super Inverter box enclosure

Feneng, the professional Inverter box enclosure supplier, welcome to visit our factory !

Product detail

Product Details

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)Brand Name:Feleng
Model Number:KS-0385Protection Level:IP65-IP67
Type:Extruded enclosureExternal Size:200x89.5mm
Dimensions:W200*H89.5mm, the length is freelySurface treatment:Mill finish, anodizing, sandblasted, silk-screen printing etc.
Aluminum AlloyCertificate:ISO9001:2008
Color:Black, yellow, red, blue, silverApplication:Inverter
Customization:AcceptableProduct NameInverter enclosure

Packaging &Delivery

Packaging DetailsStandard export cartonDelivery TimeWithin 5-7 days


Best-selling  of Inverter box enclosure drawing


The  Inverter box enclosure size only for width and  height, because the length is variable. If the finished size cannot meet your needs, we have capable
 to  customize for our buyers. please send me your drawing

enclosure size chart 

Various surface treatments, anodized, sandblast, drawing polishing,laser and  
 silkscreen printing of Inverter box enclosure,

do you know how to anodizing?

So-called aluminum anodic oxidation is a kind of electrolytic oxidation process, in this process, the surface of the aluminum and aluminum alloy usually translates into a layer of oxide film, the layer of oxide film has the function of the protective, decorative and some other features. The anodic oxidation of aluminum from this definition only includes the part of the process of producing the anodic oxide film.

Metal or alloy parts are used as anodes and the surface is formed into oxide film by electrolysis. The metal oxide film changes the surface state and properties, such as surface coloring, improving corrosion resistance, enhancing abrasion resistance and hardness, and protecting the metal surface. For example, aluminum anodic oxidation, aluminum and its alloys are placed in the corresponding electrolyte (such as sulfuric acid, chromic acid, oxalic acid, etc.) as the anode for electrolysis under certain conditions and external current. Anodic aluminum or its alloys oxidize, forming a thin layer of alumina on the surface, its thickness is 5~30 microns, hard anodic oxide film can reach 25~150 microns. After anodic oxidation of aluminum or its alloy and improve its hardness and wear resistance, can reach 250 ~ 500 kg per square millimeter, good heat resistance, hard anodic oxidation film melting point as high as 2320 k, excellent insulation, resistance to breakdown voltage of 2000 v, to enhance the corrosion resistance, hitches in omega = 0.03 NaCl salt fog corrosion thousands of hours. There are a lot of microholes in the thin layer of oxide film, which can absorb various lubricants, suitable for making engine cylinder or other wear-resistant parts. With strong adsorption capacity, the film can be colored into various beautiful and colorful colors. Non-ferrous metal or its alloy (such as aluminum, magnesium and its alloys, etc.) can be anodic oxidation treatment, this method is widely used in mechanical parts, aircraft parts, precision instruments and radio equipment, household goods and building decoration, etc

5.Production Process


Comply  with CE, ISO,ROHS certification.

9.Company's certificate 

Feneng, the one  of the largest professional manufacturers of aluminum Wifi amplifier box in  China, welcome to visit our factory!


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