Power Supply Box

Super power supply box for sale, we specialized in power supply casing and enclosure which waterproof without drilling. good aluminum alloy material. sandblast to any color you want.
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Super power supply box for sale

Quick Details

Place of origin:Guangdong,China

Brand Name:Feleng

Model Number:KS-0268-02&0269-02

Protection Level:IP67

Type:Inverter Box

External Size:95.2×54

Material:Aluminum Alloy


Function:lnstall Circuit Board


Application:Power inverter

Usage:Electric lndustry

Size:OEM Sizes



Product name:Electrical Junction Boxes

Packaging &Delivery

Packaging Details

Standard export carton

Delivery Time

5-7 day






The  power supply box  size only for width and height, because the  length is variable. If the finished size cannot meet your needs, we have  capable
 to  customize for clients.  please show your  drawing


Abundant surface treatments, such as anodize, sandblast, drawing polishing,electroplating ,
silkscreen  printing  etc for  power supply box



  • Tip :Practical operation of aluminum profile extrusion


  • Check whether the equipment is normal, whether the operating parts of the machine are in the original position, the lubrication of the slide, the travel switch of the induction device

  • Whether the screw is loose, whether the circulating cooling water is opened, whether the oil level is enough,

  • Whether the oil temperature is normal, whether the action conversion is normal. 


  • Check the condition of the bar furnace, check the extrusion center line, check the heating condition of the extrusion barrel, the tractor, the material bed, and the rear equipment

  • Operation status, various operators, equipment, maintenance hardware tools (mold, pad, pressing cake, pressing plate, clamp, hammer, pliers,

  • Whether the wrench, screwdriver, screw knife, heat insulation wool, plastic tools, etc.) are fixed in the working site, driving, mold

  • Whether the heating furnace is normal, whether all kinds of quenching cooling fans are running, whether all kinds of measuring tools are complete and correct.