Aluminium Inverter Box

Our aluminum inverter box can protect your inverter very well. Do you know why ?Your inverter needs heat sink ,and our aluminum housing is considered to be the best material for making radiators.

Product Details

The components in the inverter have their rated operating temperature, if the inverter heat dissipation performance is poor, as the inverter continues to work, the heat transfer of the components to the outside world, the temperature will be higher and higher. Excessive temperature will reduce the performance and service life of the components. In order to keep the working temperature of the components inside the inverter within the rated temperature range and ensure its efficiency and service life, aluminium inverter box are required to transfer the heat inside the inverter.

Supply Ability:20000 pcs/week
Packaging way :Packaging in accordance with international standards
Delivery Detail:Shipping within 6 days
Obtaining certificate:ISO9001:2008
Factory area:Guangdong China
Quotation:Factory direct price
Color:Gold Blue Red Yellow customize ect.

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