Aluminium Tube Case

The high-quality aluminium project box is oxidized to look wonderful ,application for inverter or smps ect electric components.

Product Details

Anodic oxidation is usually performed in electrolyte solutions such as sulfuric acid, oxalic acid, or chromic acid. Aluminum is used as the anode, lead and other metals as the cathode. Under the action of direct current electric field, anion (OH) moves to the anode, and new oxygen is generated in the anode and aluminum as the anode ACTS as an oxidation film. In the electrolyte, the acid can partially dissolve the oxidation film and produce pores, so that the oxidation reaction can develop in depth. This method enables the surface of aluminum to form a porous structure, can carry out various coloring treatment, and can be used as the paint substrate.Please notice our perfect aluminium tube case .

Material:Aluminium(6063 T5)
Size:97mm width*53.5mm height*customized length
Colour:Colors to be choosen by customers
Dispatch way :Air, sea and land transportation or express delivery
Item No.KS-0253/0254
Delivery date:Within one week after receiving the deposit

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