Custom Size Case

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Product Details

The cooling strength should be increased as much as possible and ingot defects should be avoided.To improve the production efficiency as the starting point, so as to adopt a faster casting speed for casting, but this is easy to cause the temperature of the crystal zone of the cast ingot increased, and finally produce a central crack or coarse crystal structure;However, if the casting speed is too low, it will not only affect the production efficiency, but also form bright grains, which is also bad for the quality of the ingot.It can be seen that, on the one hand, a higher casting speed should be selected as far as possible to improve the production efficiency under the condition of no defects.Please reference below custom size case details :

Name of commodity:Custom size case
Price:Price benefits
Delivery Detail:Shipping within one week after payment
Packaging way :Packaging in accordance with international standards
About sandblast:Sandblast is the process of cleaning and coarsening the surface of the matrix by the impact of high speed sand flow

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