Electric Heatsink Enclosure Housing

Now,Feineng has a large production equipment machinery for making electric heatsink enclosure housing. Excellent technical staff, so that the white product definition, and improves the service life of times.

Product Details

Super electric heatsink enclosure housing made from 6063 T5 extrusion aluminium .In production practice, for different aging furnaces, under the condition that the internal control standard of 6063-t5 alloy composition is relatively fixed, the heat insulation profile is generally insulated at 175±5℃ for 2 hours, and the non-heat insulation profile is insulated at 195±5℃ for 2 hours.The temperature control fails and the circulation fan fails.The profile with abnormal strength index caused by damage of thermocouple, poor sealing, over-aging and other reasons must be controlled by measures such as rework, repair or scrap, so as to eliminate the flow into the next process, to ensure that the strength index of finished profile can reach or meet the needs of users.

Size:W95.2mm*H55.15mm*L available
Material:Aluminium(6063 T5)
Grade of WaterproofingIP66

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