Heatsink Case Housing

Heatsink case housing basic requirement of a product is applicability, which properly expresses the connotation of quality .

Product Details

Let us talk about the main reason of aluminium Heatsink Case Housing profile surface damage and the solution .The surface of the ingot is adhered with sundries or component segregation. Ingot surface existing number of segregation to content and ingot casting and homogenizing treatment or homogenization treatment effect is bad, in the ingot exist a certain number of hard metal particles and metal in the process of extrusion through the work zone, the segregation to objects or hard metal particles adhere to the work surface with or cause damage to work with, eventually cause scratch on the surface of a material .So that strengthen the quality control of ingot casting while production .

Factory address: Guangzhou ,China (mainland)
Sales method :Factory
Tradmark :Feineng
Model No.KS-0250/0249
Material:Extrusion aluminum
Colour:According customers need.

The video of Heatsink Case Housing .and more Heatsink Case Housing details as below :


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