Aluminum Amplifier Box

High quality aluminum amplifier box for sale, We are the factory of specialize in aluminum amplifier box in China Product detail: the size only for width and height, because the length is variable. If the finished size cannot meet your needs, please don’t hesitate to send your...
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Product Details

Super aluminum amplifier box for sale

Product detail

Quick Details

Place of origin:Guangdong,China

Brand Name:Feleng

Model Number:KS-0361&0362

Protection Level:IP67

Type:Control Box

External Size:W*H=102*53.5mm L:random

Application:Power inverter

Color:Silver,Gray,Red,Blue,Gold,Black etc

Offer OEM Order:All size of products

Material:Aluminum Alloy



Packaging:Standard export carton

Delivery Detail:Shipped within 5 days after pay

Product Name:Electrical Junction Boxes

Usage:Equipment Box

Packaging &Delivery

Packaging Details

Standard export Carton

Delivery Time

Shipped within 5days after pay






The aluminum amplifier box size only for width and  height, because the length is variable. If the finished size cannot meet your needs, please don’t hesitate to send your drawing for customize.


Well-developed aluminum amplifier box ,Various surface treatments, anodizing, sandblast,  drawing polishing, electroplating ,
 Laser  etc. 



Tip:  how to improve the quality of aluminum extrusion mold?

  1. It is necessary to perform reasonable surface nitriding treatment on the extrusion die before use.

Surface nitriding treatment can make the mould on the premise of keeping enough toughness greatly improve the surface hardness of the mould, to reduce the mold when using the thermal wear, it is important to note the surface nitriding you can do, and not once served in the mold must be 3-4 times during the period of nitriding treatment repeatedly, general requirements about nitriding layer thickness is 0.15 mm .


2. The use of the mold from low to high to low intensity of use.

When the die just entered the service period, the internal metal structure performance is still in the floating stage, during this period should be used low strength of the operation plan, in order to make the die to the smooth period of transition.