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Product Details

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The power amplifier enclosure essential factors for maintenance

the principle of hydrated hole sealing aluminum anodic oxide film in water has two forms of reaction; First, in water below 80 degrees and with a pH of <4, it combines with water to form bayer trihydrate alumina. This combination is only physical and the process is reversible. The other is in 80 degrees above the neutral water, alumina and hydrated synthesis wave meter shape of a hydrated alumina, this is generally referred to as the reaction process of hydrated sealing hole, because the density of a hydrated alumina (3014kg/ m3) than alumina (3420kg/ m3) is small, the volume increased about 33%, blocked the pores of the oxide film

Product Details

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)Brand Name:Feleng
Model Number:KS-0348/0349Protection Level:IP65-IP67
Type:Extruded enclosureExternal Size:105x58mm
Dimensions:W105*H58 mm, the length is freelySurface treatment:Mill finish, anodizing, sandblasted, silk-screen printing etc.
Aluminum AlloyCertificate:ISO9001:2008
Color:Black, yellow, red, blue, silverApplication:Inverter
Customization:AcceptableProduct NameInverter enclosure

Packaging &Delivery

Packaging DetailsStandard export cartonDelivery TimeWithin 5-7 days


The  Power Amplifier Enclosure size table for reference, if you cannot find the  available one , please share your own drawing, we will make it  accordingly. 

All enclosure Size Chart

KS-PJ-5A95mmX55.21mmKS-0370-C100_5mmX58.2mmKS-0253/025497mmX53.5mmKS-0363/0364 124mmX72.3m

 9.Company's certificate

The reason of different color of aluminum profiles: anodic oxidation.Sulfuric acid concentration.Control at 180-200g/1. Slightly higher concentration of sulfuric acid can promote the dissolution of the oxide film to speed up the reaction, conducive to pore expansion, easier to dye.When the concentration of aluminum ions is controlled at 5-15g /1 and the aluminum ions are less than 5g/1, the adsorption capacity of the generated oxide film is reduced and the painting speed is affected. When the aluminum ions are greater than 15g/1, the uniformity of the oxide film is affected and irregular film layers are easy to appear.The oxidation temperature is controlled at about 20℃.The temperature of the oxidation bath has a significant influence on the dyeing process. The low temperature results in the densification of the membrane pores of the oxidation membrane, which significantly slows down the dyeing speed. The high temperature makes the oxidation membrane loose and easy to be pulverized, which is not conducive to the control of dyeing within 2℃



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