Extruded Solar Energy Enclosures

Super Extruded Solar Energy Enclosures produced by Feleng factory Feneng, welcome to customize ! High quality Aluminum extruded Extruded Solar Energy Enclosures with all kinds of colors Best-selling .

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Super Extruded Solar Energy Enclosures produced by Feleng factory

Why the Extruded Solar Energy Enclosures made be aluminum ? among all the metal electrode materials at present, aluminum has the highest volume specific capacity, but also has the advantages of light weight, high reliability, safe use, low price and abundant resources, etc. Its typical multi-electronic reaction characteristics make aluminum ion battery an ideal choice for energy storage system. However, due to the high charge of three electrons in aluminum ions, its electrode reaction kinetics is not good, and it is easy to damage the material structure during charging and discharging, resulting in high overpotential of three-electron reaction, resulting in poor circularity. At present, it is difficult to have both high energy density and excellent circulatory performance. As a result of these technical difficulties, aluminum ion batteries have not been successfully applied in electrochemical energy storage and conversion technology. It is an urgent problem to develop high performance anode materials and new electrolyte for aluminum ion batteries.

Product Details

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)Brand Name:Feleng
Model Number:KS-0285Protection Level:IP65-IP67
Type:Extruded enclosureExternal Size:120x45.5mm
Dimensions:W120*H45.5 mm*any lengthSurface treatment:Mill finish, anodizing, sandblasted, silk-screen printing etc.
Aluminum AlloyCertificate:ISO9001
Color:Black, yellow, red, blue, silverApplication:Inverter
Customization:AcceptProduct NameInverter enclosure

Packaging &Delivery

Packaging DetailsStandard export cartonDelivery TimeWithin 5-7 days


  enclosure size chart

9.Company's certificate

Note: Causes of rough surface defects in extruded aluminum profiles

In the extrusion production of aluminum profiles, common defects are surface intuitive, such as bending, twisting, deformation, slag inclusion from the extrusion line down the aluminum profile known as the substrate or blank, white material. 

The initial evaluation of the surface quality is generally in the mold after the extrusion to 2-3 sticks, the first sampling preliminary judgment of the quality of the surface is qualified, qualified after the surface inspection of other items.

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