Router Housing Box

Best-selling of Feineng factory produce the High quality Aluminum extruded Router housing box , the size only for width and height, there are Various surface treatments, anodize, sandblast, drawing polishing,...

Product Details

Super Router housing box made in Feneng, China

The advantage of aluminum alloy enclosure compare with  plastic enclosure

The advantage 1 : the hand feeling is better

The aluminum alloy enclosure has been oxidized, so you will feel comfortable and smooth when you hold it.And metal dissipates heat quickly, making it cool to hold hands in the summer.At the same time, the metal shell is more delicate and beautiful, atmospheric.

The advantage 2: Strong and not easy to fragile

Aluminum enclosure of mobile power supply or inverter is more and more strong and resistant believe this, as you know, when you accidentally put the inverter to the ground and if it is plastic enclosure the inverter would fracture or directly was smashed to pieces, but a inverter won't have this situation happened,

This is plastic enclosure cannot compare with  aluminum alloy case, also,  the aluminum alloy material is fireproof.

If using a plastic enclosure of the mobile power supply or inverter, we often use it willl take produces friction with the hand, after useing a long period of time,plastic enclosure will be very easy to fade, it is not beautiful!But the enclosure aluminum  material makes product appearance line more fluent, good-looking, beautiful!

Product Details

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)Brand Name:Feleng
Model Number:KS-0329Protection Level:IP65-IP67
Type:Extruded enclosureExternal Size:169mmx124mm
Dimensions:W169*H124 mm, the length is freelySurface treatment:Mill finish, anodizing, sandblasted, silk-screen printing etc.
Aluminum AlloyCertificate:ISO9001
Color:Black, yellow, red, blue, silverApplication:Inverter
Customization:AcceptableProduct NameInverter enclosure

Packaging &Delivery

Packaging DetailsStandard export cartonDelivery TimeWithin 5-7 days

High quality Aluminum extruded  Router housing  box width :169mm  height:124mm, color :any color

Depth: variable


 Various surface treatments, anodize, sandblast, drawing polishing,electroplating , silkscreen printing Router housing box

 6.Surface Treatmentenclosure size chart


Tip: about aluminum profile saw frame:

Oxidation, spraying, sandblasting, bending circle, punching, material, sawing, packaging, aging, natural wood and other different post-processing requirements, aluminum profiles of different materials, to be respectively installed in the frame transport. 

Pay attention to the cantilever ratio long profile, thin wall, high surface requirements, interlocking, self-buckle or not easy to separate the aluminum profile to pay attention to the way to install the frame and the necessary auxiliary tools.Lining paper liner, etc., gasket (gasket) should be up and down corresponding, correct arrangement, appropriate interval, the number of appropriate, (some easy to deformation, high surface aluminum shall not put gasket), can bear the weight and a certain amount of force, not too much stacked, stacked, need frame frame must be stacked on the rack. 

Attention to the aluminum profile stacked in the frame of the position, to avoid the weight of both ends, resulting in the profile pile, sliding and other accidents.Pay attention to the cutting speed, cutting surface burr., observe the sawing machine spray size to adjust.Pay attention to the sawing machine press (stroke, weight), sawing operation to focus attention, to avoid personal safety injury accident, sawing is strictly prohibited in the two sides of the profile force, avoid sawing in the profile clip saw, resulting in striking action and then immediately both loss of material and injury. Pay attention to the aluminum shavings to be blown clean, burrs to be scraped off, spacing to be appropriate, lifting to be safe, stacked frame to be aligned, the number of stacked frame should not exceed the company's requirements for the number of 4 layers.                                     

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