Power Inverter Enclosure

Super power inverter enclosure work for amplifier, led driver, pcb, power supply and inverter for sale , can waterprrof if without drilling, we can extruded to any size .
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We  are committed to produce high quality power inverter enclosure ,we come  from China !

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Place of origin:Guangdong,China

Brand Name:Feleng

Model Number:KS-0251

Protection Level:IP67

Type:Switch Box,OEM Aluminum Extrusions Profiles

External Size:150*51.6

Application:Power inverter

Color:Silver,Gray,Red,Blue,Gold,Black etc

Material:Aluminum Alloy


Offer OEM Order:All size of products

Delivery Detall:Shipped within 5days after pay


Surface treatment:Sandblasting

Productname:aluminum enclosure

Packaging &Delivery

Packaging Details

Strong Strength Standard Export Carton

Delivery Time

Shipped within 5days after pay

High  quality Aluminum power inverter enclosure suitable for PCB



The power inverter  enclosure size  only for width and height, because the length is variable. Please don’t mind send your drawing if  you have your own design.


Reasons for inconsistent color of aluminum profile oxidation:Dyeing process control

 1. Temperature, dyeing process, dyeing rate, along with the rise of temperature is accelerated, therefore, the time needed for a certain depth of color with the temperature rising and shorten, at the same time, the bath temperature rise, synchronous hole sealing also accelerates, if the temperature is too high, synchronous hole sealing too fast, the dye molecule adsorption in the film hole, also not enough dye accumulation will be suspended by oxidation film of film hole closed, unable to meet the requirements of depth, and at relatively low temperature dyeing, the dyeing the deeper color, but the corresponding, therefore, according to different requirements of colour and lustre, can adjust the dyeing temperature,Avoid too long or too short dyeing time.

2. according to the law of adsorption of dye concentration, under certain working conditions, the dye on the anodic oxide film with adsorption quantity increases with the increase of dye concentration, however, this rule only in the oxide film itself also has the adsorption ability when applicable, to the color of different depth, dye concentration should also make a corresponding adjustment, in the first bath preparation, low concentration of solution as far as possible, as the production of dye consumption unceasingly, to supplement consumption, when added to a few times, if the dye concentration determination, want to consider the influence of impurity ions,The actual effective concentration may be quite different from the detection. Therefore, the actual dyeing force of the dyeing tank should be tested regularly. In order to ensure the stable dyeing force, the tank liquid can be partially replaced after a period of production.