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We are the super Aluminum PCB enclosure original factory, 100% original production, no trade, we design and produce energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency PCB enclosure. welcome the customize.

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As one of the leading aluminum PCB enclosure manufacturers and suppliers in China, we are mainly engaged in customized service. Please feel free to wholesale new design aluminum PCB enclosure made in China for sale from us.

Product detail

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)Brand Name:Feleng
Model Number:KS-0387/0389Protection Level:IP65-IP67
Type:Extruded enclosureExternal Size:130.8x59mm
Dimensions:W130.8*H59mm, the length is freelySurface treatment:Mill finish, anodizing, sandblasted, silk-screen printing etc.
Aluminum AlloyCertificate:ISO9001:2008
Color:Black, yellow, red, blue, silverApplication:Inverter
Customization:AcceptableProduct NameInverter enclosure

 Packaging &Delivery

Packaging DetailsStandard export cartonDelivery TimeWithin 5-7 days


We are professional in customized service, Aluminum PCB Enclosure, aluminum alloy box, the company's excellent research and development capacity and production capacity, manufacturers, excellent quality, cost-effective.

All enclosure Size Chart

KS-PJ-5A95mmX55.21mmKS-0370-C100_5mmX58.2mmKS-0253/025497mmX53.5mmKS-0363/0364 124mmX72.3m


Commonly used electronic radiator bottom surface treatment technology include: wire drawing process (ground) wire drawing process is also used when drawing more bottom surface treatment technique using some surface with certain roughness and hardness of the tool, common such as sandpaper file, one-way repeated processing object surfaces or rotating friction, with the aid of tools rough cut cut effect of friction on the surface to remove projections on the surface of the handle;Of course, grinding convex objects will also cause scratches on the original smooth surface, so a gradual process from coarse to fine should be adopted to gradually reduce the roughness of the surface.Lines parallel grinding crack plate milling process (cutting) plate milling process refers to the scattered doors and Windows aluminum processing hot after the bottom surface is fixed with a high speed rotating cutter for cutting the radiator surface, tool always rotate in the same plane, thus cutting out the bottom surface is very smooth and the same process of wire drawing, milling process using the tool more fine, cutting the underside of the higher level of flat plate milling process of the manufacturing cost is higher, but the relative drawing only need two or three steps, is to save time, and the effect is more ideal plate milling process features:Arc grinding crack of CNC machine tool numerical control machine tool applied to the underside of cooling fin formation processing mainly is the milling process is still used but, unlike traditional dish milling, CNC milling machine tool can be controlled by single-chip microcomputer accurate and the relative distance of cutter contact between fin heat sink base, both horizontal relative motion, to the traditional plate milling cutter gap left untreated part in magnesium aluminum profile cutting, and achieve the complete plane effect, no any subsequent processing can obtain mirror effect, other process flatness can be less than 0.001 mmIn addition to the above several, there are other to the bottom of the radiator processing technology, such as polishing, however, relatively, polishing treatment was more out of the radiator is beautiful considerations, on the improvement of the radiator bottom flatness is not too big, and the processing cost is higher as we put it on the front, the radiator bottom no matter how to deal with, this kind of mechanical process could not make a complete standard flat surface, in the ravines or space between CPU and radiator is always inevitableExist in these gaps in the air conduction ability has a great influence on the radiator, well known, the thermal resistance of the air is very high, so have to use other material to reduce the thermal resistance, or conduction performance of the radiator will sell at a discount greatly, can't even play a role that is that the origin of the role of the heat conduction medium, large and small space between the heat source such as CPU and radiator.

6.Surface Treatment


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