Transformer Automatic Dip Tin /soldering Machine

Transformer Automatic Dip Tin /soldering Machine

The automatic dip tin machine is one of the all transformer automatic equipment machines, the machine automatic put the transformers dip into the tin and obtain very highly efficient and energy saving, greatly reducing the worker's work

Product Details

The super automatic dip tin machine  high efficiency for high frequency transformer tin work, the effect is outstanding. 

The automatic tip dipping machine has the below function.

1.The machine is an automatic tin dipping equipment, it with adjustable and replaceable feeding track, suitable for diversified products.

2.The machine structure design is reasonable, its important parts are all used high-end brands to ensure the equipment running fast, high precision, good stability and long service life.

3.The machine is controlled by PLC.Chinese and English touch screen, this system developed by our company is convenient to use and easy to debug.

4. This machine is the automatic equipment aim to replace manpower for automatic immersion tin, the tin dipping device with servo motor, it can rotary and convenient for the use of different length of pins products, it can be unilateral tin, this machine with high quality and high efficiency, can greatly reduce labor costs and widely used in the transformer production field.

Product overview: the  automatic dip tin machine is suitable for all kinds of bobbin coils, process inductance automatic dip flux, solder production

Solder selection: automatic flux, vibration plate feeding, pneumatic jig, electric jig, etc.

Applicable coils: framework coils, process inductor coils and transformer coils. 

The automatic soldering machine features:

The core standard parts of the equipment are all imported high-quality components.

Servo electromechanical drive, ensure the stability of the equipment, high-speed long-term operation.

The feeding fixture of the equipment adopts replaceable structure, which is convenient to change the type of machine.

Product feature:

  1. Any vertical, horizontal, magnetic ring, drum core  inductor, flywire transformer can be solder.

  2. Solder can be used for three different products at the same time or independently.

  3. The fastest 10S to complete the dip welding process (no professional technicians can operate)

  4.Using computer PLC control system, the welding parameters can be set freely.

 5. all mill cast iron heating body, the best temperature can reach 600 ℃ not burn plate (long life design)

 6. Double temperature protection (over temperature protection)

 7. Taiwan yin-yang SSR solid state heating control (temperature control precision) all automatic intelligent tin surface detection system, automatic intelligent detection of tin surface level, add less tin tin surface height change does not affect the solder precision, solder more accurate.

8. 32 products can be welded at one time (take UU9.8 as an example)

9. Select match: horizontal movement mechanism has been added. The finished product can be used after washing the feet and pointed feet. Servo control system, higher accuracy, faster speed.

10. The product model size is different, the clamp hand all may be universal, does not need to change the furniture. Easy to start, new and old employees can, not choose personnel.

11. Solder mode flexible and diverse, according to product needs to set solder time, speed, temperature and so on.

12. Can run fully automatic mode, easy to effectively manage, improve the operation capacity.

dip tin soldering machine

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