Automatic Assemble Magnet Core Machine

Automatic assemble magnet core machine is an efficient, environmental protection, energy saving machine assembly core, packaging, testing machine,it greatly save the labor time to keep the monthly output.

Product Details

    Automatic assemble magnet core machine functions and workflow

1) Put the bobbin loading -upper magnetic core loading -lower magnetic core loading

 -assembly -wrapping- unloading- testing good and defective products

    Detailed steps: 1. Open the main switch and the vibration plate machine switch, as well as the tester switch;

    2. Adjust the appropriate wire package parameters of the tester; 3. After ensuring the normal operation of the vibration plate, press the green start button to start the operation after waiting for the bobbin and wire coating to be filled with material; 4. Observe the operation of the ferrite core assemble machine. If there is any fault, observe the alarm displayed on the touch screen, remove the fault and press the start button; 5. If the startup fails, press the reset button and restart; 6. Observe the situation of packing and press the pause button on the touch screen when the tape is used up.


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