Double Axis Automatic Wrap Taping Machine

Double Axis Automatic Wrap Taping Machine

Double Axis Automatic Taping Machine with high quality and cheap price

Product Details

Double Axis Automatic Wrap Taping Machine made by China

The double axis automatic wrap trap machine features as below

  1. This machine can be used for gluing vertical and horizontal transformer ee10 to ee66, SMD transformer iron core and peripheral gluing.

  2. Two - axis taping, taping distance from 14mm-85mm can be adjusted. The position of adhesive tape can be adjusted and the tensioner can be fine-tuned

  3. Different products, must be replaced by different jig, the replacement is simple and fast.

  4. Single chip microcomputer control, origin using photoelectric switch control, stable and reliable performance, efficiency increased by more than 20%.


Power supply voltage AC-220V
Operating rate 
Net weight 45kg
Machine body size(mm) 350L*550W*420H


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