Full Automatic Winding Machine

Full Automatic Winding Machine

The fully automatic winding machine is a machine in which a linear object is wound around a particular work piece. Automatic winding machine is a new type of machine, in order to adapt to the requirements of high efficiency and high output, automatic machine type generally adopts multi-head linkage design,use the automatic winding machine greatly improve the winding efficiency.

Product Details

Super 12 axis automatic winding machine produced by FELENG

The automatic coil transformer winding machine use programmable controller  as the control core of the equipment, with the manipulator, pneumatic control components and execution accessories to complete the functions of automatic line arrangement, automatic foot winding, automatic wire cutting, automatic loading and unloading of the skeleton and so on. the smps transformer coil winding machine use for high frequency transformer, small transfomers, 

automatic winding machine series

The 12 axis automatic winding machine also called 12 spindle automatic winding machine , its characteristic as below

1. The power transformer winding machine structure design is simple and reasonable,  the important standard accessories are all high-end brands which ensures the fast operation speed, high precision, good stability and strong rigidity of the equipment, and greatly extends the service life of the equipment.

2. The automatic transformer winding machine is equipped with a touch screen, Chinese and English control system which is easy to operate, to learn ,to understand and to maintain, help the users save more time and greatly improving the production efficiency.

3. The design of quick replacement fixture chuck can effectively save the time of product type change.

4. Multiple functions are available for users to choose freely.

5. This coil winding machine  is used for winding transformer products aim to replace the manual operation, its with wide feeding range, high production quality, fast production efficiency, it will reduce labor cost and control product cost greatly, easy operation be widely used in the inverter production field.


Winding parts

The application range of the full automatic winding machine : the all high frequency transformer series  

winding machine

The automatic winding machine speed regulation mode

In order to adapt to the coil processing technology, automatic winding machine need to configure the spindle speed adjustment, winding equipment should be distinguished processing type of its configuration are different, we are familiar with the types of the spindle motor ac motor, dc motor, servo motor, the three categories, used by the motor speed control mode has its own characteristics. 

We also can make manual winding machine for help customer to save the cost. welcome to visit our factory.

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