In Stock High Frequency Transformer Winding Machine

Automatic or manual feeding,the Automatic 12-axis winding and gluing machine is suitable for the many high frequency transformers,the computer control and equipped with a touch screen,operate easy,easy to learn and maintain.our winding machine have mltiple functions are available for users to choose freely.

Product Details

The high frequency transformers winding machine is used for winding fransformer products aim to replace the manual operation,it suitable for all kinds of the high frequency transformers,automatic feeding,winding and taping,save the time and costs.

★ Full automatic,English and Chinese control system which is easy to seperate,to learn and to maintain.

★ The design of quick replacement fixture chuck can effectively save the time of prouct type change.

★ The machines are wide feeding range,high producton,fast efficiency.will reduce labor costs.

★ The machines design sample and reasonable,the important standard accessories are all high-end brands.

★ The machines with the fast speed,high precision,good stability and strong ridity.extends the service life.

★ We have the 51 spacing and 75 spacing items,can fit the diffrent size high frequency transformers.

★ Automatic and sample seperate can increase production,save the costs and increase the profit.

Winding machine 75 spacing           Winding machine 51spacing



Power voltage


Rated power


The spindle number


Spindle speed(rpm)


Spindle Pitch(mm)


Spindle servo motor brand


Spindle servo motor power(W)

1500 ( normal )

Quick clamp interface diameter(mm)


Apply to wire diameter (mm)

0.02 - 0.6

Maximum support multi - strand


Maximum outside diameter of winding bobbin(mm)

50 / 25

Movement amount of guide rod ( mm )

X : 120, Y : 120 ; Z : 80

Movement speed of guide rod m (mm/sec)


Applicable air pressure ( MPa)

0.4 - 0.6

Machine size ( mm )

1000 ( L ) X 1300 ( W ) X 1600 ( H )

Machine weight ( kg )



wood packing


Ship transformer

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