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Super EEL transformer Feneng, the one of the largest professional manufacturers of EEL transformer in China, welcome to customize ! High quality EEL transformer with the best price Feneng factory have capable to customize EEL transformer for buyers.please send your specification or drawing....
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Product Details

Super EEL transformer

suit for high frequency 100w transformer,high frequency audio transformer,high frequency current transformer,high frequency dvd player transformers, high frequency electronic transformer,

high frequency ferrite core flyback transformer,high frequency ferrite transformer,high frequency filter inductor etc.

Quick Details

Place of origin:Guangdong,China

Brand Name:Feieng

Model Number:EEL16

Usage:High Frequency


Coil Structure:square

Coil Number:Autotransformer


Magnetic core…EEL

Phase number:Single

Packing deta…Standard export carton outsid…

Coil structure:square

Voltage param…DC 12V,AC 110V,or customer…



Working freque…20KHz-500KHz

Storage temper…­25℃to+85℃

Packaging &Delivery

Packaging Details

Standard export carton

Delivery Time

5-7 working days after payment confirmed

 EEL  transformer parameter:  


Please look at the EEL transfomer, it is vertical type. 



Some of customers always said to me" could you send your drawing to me?"  i think very funny,  the all 

EEL transformers are customized, not possible have standard specification, such as, the voltage, current, power, inductance all are different, different customers have different requirments, vertical type or horizontal type?  use to PCB or somewhere,how many turns need winding ? how about the size of the wire diameter etc.  dear customers, the all we should know. 


About the packing

Considering the environmental factors in long-distance transportation, we think that the vacuum packaging after inserting pearl cotton into the product can effectively ensure that the stitches will not be oxidized due to the bad environment, the strength and height of the outer box are required, and the product will not be squeezed by external forces, resulting in the skewness of the stitches or damage to the product, do you think so ?  


 Tips: The quality problem in the production of EEL high-frequency transformers is also a common mistake in the production of high-frequency transformers. Transformers are devices that transform ac voltage, current and impedance. When there is an ac current in the primary coil, an ac flux will be generated in the iron core (or magnetic core) to induce voltage (or current) in the secondary coil. The production process of high-frequency transformer is generally divided into: Winding, soldering, assembly, including immersion, testing several parts to complete.

What are the common mistakes in the manufacturing process of high-frequency transformers?

Assembled magnetic core assembling of core shielding breakdown caused by winding transformer is required around good coil fitted with core or iron core can looks be like simple, actually otherwise, lines full core through outsourcing tape most easily cause enameled wire nudity or run into core, transformer and electricity when pressure of core shielding breakdown caused by winding for 2 contain uneven influence the insulation strength, fixed ordinary containing leaching owing to lack of penetration, affect the transformer insulation strength, fixed, transformer noise will appear and loose core phenomenon, seriously affecting the quality of the high frequency transformer vacuum contain leaching can effectively improve the insulating varnish penetration, increase the rate of filling, so as to improve the overall mechanical strength of the electric coil, dielectric strength and moistureproof mildew performance 3 wire with fault in transformer resistance increases with the fever high-frequency transformer main wire for polyester and the three-tier insulation lines, if is demanding (such as the power switch transformer), using three-tier insulation lines, if is for general, polyurethane products are no problem!Some specifications wire diameter, almost naked eye cannot identify, need to gauge measuring instrument is easily mistaken for sending process such as wire diameter, wire diameter of thin can lead to the transformer resistance increases with the fever, wire diameter thick make winding of ambassador lines) overall, core assembly difficulty caused by the core window co., LTD. 4 tin solder too deep cause short circuit temperature through low product easy to welding, stitching not light, high temperature to control the soldering time, there shall be no solder too deep phenomenon, due to high temperature, soldering too deep could melt insulating tape, caused by short circuit welding such as agent modulation good can get twice the result with half the effort5 wrong test conditions and test their general requirements test results of high frequency transformer projects such as the leakage inductance of the inductance turns ratio compression test is in order to take the initiative to go to treatment and prevention, so as to avoid finished goods sent to the client detect when there is still a bad product testing can be the key to ensure the quality of high frequency transformer, so homework personnel requirements carefully and to be familiar with test equipment debugging.