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Super EF transformer suitable for LED driver We are committed to produce EF transformer in China, welcome to the factory ! it with excellent technology and good performace, The high frequency transformer with EF series bobbin and ferrite core.
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Super EF transformer suitable for LED driver

We are committed to produce EF transformer in  China, welcome to the factory !

How is the high frequency transformer wound?

Two things must be noted to make it well:

  One: each winding should adopt many fine copper wires and be wound together, not 

single thick copper wire, because high frequency ac has skin effect.

The so-called skin effect, simply put, is that high frequency ac only walks along the 

surface of the wire.The inside of the wire does not run current

The weaker the axial current in the wire, the closer it is to the surface of the wire, 

the stronger the current is.The use of multiple strands of thin copper wire and winding 

together, is actually to increase the wire

The surface area of the wire, thereby making it more efficient to use the wire.For example, 

the primary 3T+3T, if you use a single enamelled wire with a diameter of 2.50mm, the 

cut of the wire

The area is 4.9 mm square, and if 38 pieces of enamelled wire (single section area 0.132 mm square) 

with a diameter of 0.41mm are used and wound, the total cut is

The area also meets the requirement.However, the second method has a much larger surface area of 

the wire (the first method has a surface area of a single wire cut off)

The surface circumference * the number of shares * the total length of the winding =2.5 * 3.14 * 1 * L=7.85L

Perimeter x number of shares by winding the total length = 0.41 * 3.14 * 38 * L = 48.92 L, 

and the latter is the former's 48.92 L / 7.85 L = 6.2 times),conductor

It has higher effective utilization rate, more smooth current, and more flexible 

winding because of the soft thin wire. The secondary 75T high voltage winding can 

be wound by 3 to 5 pieces.

Quick Details

Place of origin:Guangdong,China

Brand Name:Feineng

Model Number:EE49

Usage:TV,DVD,player,and audio,med…


Coil Structure:Toroidal

Coil Number:Autotransformer


Working freque…20kHz-500KHz

Storage temper…­25℃to+85℃

External structu…Vertical or horizontal are availa…

Coil Structure:Coil

Phase number:Single


lnput rated Volt…Single-phase220V-230V

Output voltage:According to the customer'a p…

Temperature ri…<85℃

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Standard export carton

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5-7 working days after payment confirmed



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