Super EE19 transformer Guangzhou Feineng Electronic Co., Ltd is the one of the largest professional manufacturers of EE19 transformer in China, welcome to customize ! High quality EE19 transformer with the competitive price Feneng factory have capable to customize EE19 transformer for...
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Super EE19 transformer

Guangzhou Feineng Electronic Co., Ltd is the one of the largest professional manufacturers of EE19  transformer in China, welcome to customize !

Because the working frequency of low frequency transformer and high frequency transformer is different, the iron core used by the transformer is different.

Low frequency transformers are also known as power frequency transformers,he working frequency is 50Hz, and the silicon steel core with high magnetic 

conductivity is generally used

1、High frequency transformer and low frequency transformer are not distinguished in principle.

2、the frequency of high frequency transformer is different from that of low frequency transformer at high frequency and low frequency.

3、The iron cores used in the two transformers are different.

Low - frequency transformers generally use high - permeability silicon steel shee;

High frequency transformers use high frequency ferrite core

4、The number of coil of high frequency transformer and low frequency transformer is different:

The same inductance, high-frequency transformer with the increase of frequency impedance increases slowly, in order to adapt to the high frequency 

movement transmission, transformer must be fewer turns to the frequency, even wound as air-core coil

Microwave transmission, some into 3/4 or 1/2 circles.

Our factory only produce the high frequency transformer and got the good reputation in the industrial

Quick Details

Place of origin:Guangdong,China

Brand Name:Feieng

Model Number:EE19

Usage:All Kinds of chargers,stage lig…


Coil Structure:Toroidal

Coil Number:Autotransformer


Magnetic core…EE

Phase number:Single

Packing deta…Standard export carton outsid…

Coil structure:Toroidal

Voltage param…DC 12V,AC 110V,or customer…



Working freque…20KHz-500KHz

Storage temper…­25℃to+85℃

Packaging &Delivery

Packaging Details

Standard export carton

Delivery Time

5-7 working days after payment confirmed

What is high frequency transformer?

1、High frequency transformer is a power transformer whose working frequency exceeds medium frequency (10kHz). 

It is mainly used as high frequency switching power transformer in high frequency switching power supply

2、High frequency transformer is the most important component of switching power supply. The switching power supply usually adopts 

half bridge power conversion circuit and two switches are used when working

The triode takes turns conducting to generate 100kHz high frequency pulse waves, which are then lowered through a high frequency 

transformer to output low voltage alternating current and high frequency variable voltage

The number of turns per winding coil determines the output voltage. Three high - frequency transformers are most prominent in a 

typical half - bridge transformer circuit

Main transformer, drive transformer and auxiliary transformer (standby transformer), each transformer has its own measurement 

standard in national regulations, such as main transformer.

As long as the power supply is over 200W, its core diameter (height) shall not be less than 35mm. The auxiliary transformer, 

when the power supply power does not exceed 300W, its core diameter reaches 16mm.

High quality EE19 transformer with the competitive price, its ferrite core same as ee20 transformer, ee22 transformer, ee25 transformer, ee28 transformer, ee35 transformer etc. the bobbin have vertical and horizontal type two kinds. welcome your drawing to show the bobbin size. 




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