High Frequency Ferrite Transformer

Do you know what is high frequency transformer? High frequency transformer is a power transformer whose working frequency exceeds medium frequency (10kHz). It is mainly used as high frequency switching power transformer in high frequency switching power supply
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Super high frequency ferrite transformer work for high frequency products. what is your product?

Quick Details

Place of origin:Guangdong,China 

Brand Name:Feieng

Model Number:PQ3225

Usage:All kinds of chargers,stage lighting


Coil Structure:Toroidal

Coil Number:Autotransformer


Magnetic core:PQ

Phase number:Single

Packing:Standard export carton

Coil structure:Toroidal

Voltage param…DC 12V,AC 110V,or customize



Working frequency:20KHz-500KHz

Storage temper:25℃to+85℃

Packaging &Delivery

Packaging Details

Standard export carton

Delivery Time

5-7 working days after payment confirmed





Don't ask me we are factory or trade company ?  we are 100% factory & manufacturer , please see the high frequency ferrite transformer production process, 

We have a strict process and management procedures, every process is meticulous, do not allow any errors, we have perfect QC quality control procedures, 100% inspection before shipment



The high frequency ferrite transformer magnetic core material 

The common iron powder core is composed of carbon-based ferromagnetic powder and resin carbon-based ferromagnetic powder. In the powder core, the price is the lowest. The saturation magnetic induction intensity is about 1.4T. Magnetic permeability ranges from 22 to 100; The initial magnetic conductivity is stable with the change of I with frequency. Dc current superposition performance is good; But the loss is high at high frequency. The initial magnetic conductivity of iron powder core varies with the strength of dc magnetic field. The initial magnetic conductivity of iron powder core varies with frequency.

polymorphism gold powder core polymorphism gold powder core mainly includes molybdenum polymorphism gold powder core (MPP) and High magnetic Flux powder core (High Flux). MPP consists of 81%Ni, 2%Mo and Fe powder. The main features are: the saturation magnetic induction intensity value is around 7500Gs; The magnetic permeability range is large, ranging from 14 to 550. It has the lowest loss in the powder core. Excellent temperature stability, widely used in space equipment, outdoor equipment, etc. The magnetostrictive coefficient is close to zero and there is no noise when working at different frequencies. Is mainly used in below 300 KHZ high quality factor Q of the filter, induction load coil, resonant circuit, LC circuit of high temperature stability requirements commonly used, the output inductor, power factor correction circuit, etc., in the AC circuit, is commonly used in powder core is the most expensive. HF is composed of 50%Ni and 50%Fe powder. The main features are: the saturation magnetic induction intensity value is around 15000Gs; Magnetic permeability ranges from 14 to 160; It has the highest magnetic induction intensity and the highest dc bias capacity in the powder magnetic core. The core is small in volume. It is mainly used in line filters, ac inductors, output inductors and power factor correction circuits. It is commonly used in DC circuits

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  1. More than 12 years’ production experience.

  2. Advanced machining and test equipment.

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  4. Companies strictly enforce the ISO9001 system to ensure  product quality.

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