PQ3535 High Frequency Transformer

PQ3535 is a power transformer whose working frequency exceeds the intermediate frequency (10kHz). It is mainly used as the high-frequency switching power transformer in the high-frequency switching power supply, as well as the high-frequency inverter power supply transformer in the high-frequency inverter power supply and the high-frequency inverter welding machine.

Product Details

PQ high frequency transormer solder
1) PIN PIN after soldering is smooth and free from foreign matters.
2) the line head shall not be higher than the convex point.
3) BOBBIN is complete after soldering, no tolerance loss and short foot phenomenon.
4) little welding oil (flux) residue, no tin, no short circuit.
5) no damage is allowed on the tape.
6) solder at least one full circle.
7) no transverse tin tip after soldering.combination
1) the core assembly surface is flat without any skew.
2) BOBBIN, CORE, wiring pin shall be kept clean and free from impurities and rubber.
3) identify the direction in which the CORE with GAP is placed.
4) maximum deflection of EE, EI, UU CORE shall not be greater than 0.5mm or 1/10core width


High-frequency transformer microcomputer protection device based on peer application experience for many years at home and abroad are summarized, combined with domestic actual characteristics of integrated automation system, development of protection, monitoring, control, communications and other functions in the integration of electric power automation high-tech products, is an ideal electrical unit to constitute of intelligent high frequency transformer.




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