POT High Frequency Transformer

Super POT high frequency transformer with high quality and best price come from Feneng factory who have capable to customizer for buyers.please send your specification or drawing from now on.
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Product Details

Super POT high frequency transformer made by China

Quick Details

Place of origin:Guangdong,China

Brand Name:Feleng

Model Numer:POT40

Usage:High Frequency


COil structure:Toroidal,Toroidal

Coil Number:Autotransformer,Autotransfor…






Cperating temp…­40℃+125℃

Business:Manufactures direct supply

Product name:High frequency transformer

Packaging &Delivery

Packaging Details

Standard export carton

Delivery Time

Within 5-7

The problem of the transformer loop is that the loop of the transformer oscillates and causes the transformer to howl.

The circuit board wiring is improper, thus causes the disturbance to cause the oscillation, causes the sound;
The feedback loop parameters are improperly set, which leads to the instability of the loop and the oscillation.
The quality problems of the components in the loop, such as insufficient capacitance of the input filter, poor quality of the fast recovery diode of the output rectifier, poor quality of the power MOS tube, poor quality of the high voltage capacitor or diode of the RCD recoiling-absorption loop, etc., all of these problems may lead to vibration and cause noise




Well-developed POT high frequency transformer , Exquisite workmanship and perfect details




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