EER Frequency Transformer

Super product of EER frequency transformer is power transformer,high frequency hokes and coils .apply to Audio ,please provide the bobbin item number, inductance, wire diameter and winding number, OEM/ODM/Customize all available.
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Super product of EER frequency transformer in China

Guangzhou Feineng Electronic Co., Ltd is the one of the largest professional manufacturers of EER frequency transformer in China, Customer design is acceptable for us !

Quick Details

Place of origin:Guangdong,China

Brand Name:Feieng

Model Number:EE25

Usage:High Frequency


Coil Structure:square

Coil Number:Autotransformer


Magnetic core…EE

Phase number:Single

Packing deta…Standard export carton outsid…

Coil structure:square

Voltage param…DC 12V,AC 110V,or customer…



Working freque…20KHz-500KHz

Storage temper…­25℃to+85℃

Packaging &Delivery

Packaging Details

Standard export carton

Delivery Time

5-7 working days after payment confirmed

High quality EER frequency transformer specification, Code EER11.5 etc. it is high frequency pulse can be used for voltage conversion, its volume smaller than the general transformer,

The magnitude of the induction potential depends on how much the magnetic flux changes in a unit time, that is, the faster the magnetic flux changes, the greater the induction potential will be. Although the magnetic core of the high-frequency transformer is small and the maximum magnetic flux is not large, it works at high frequency and the magnetic flux changes rapidly, so it can generate enough potential under the condition of small magnetic core and small number of coil turns, while the low frequency is the opposite.



CUSTOMIZED TRANSFORMER Series such as eer series, ee series, ec series, apply to switching mode transformer, video transformer, pulse transformer, pc board transformer, smps transformer etc with high frequency operate working condition, low temperature and stable, excellent performance.

apply to :
. power supply of TV set
. display and lights 

. switching mode supply







Ask :Why is the volume bigger  of the high-frequency transformer, the greater of the power?

Answer :  larger of the volume, the larger the transformer winding section can be made, the larger the current-carrying capacity and the larger the power can be made at the same time. 

Ask: What is the current carrying capacity? If you need magnetic flux, you can add coils. In case of dense winding, the magnetic flux density has nothing to do with the area. Right? Does the current-carrying capacity refer to the area integral of the magnetic field strength?

Answer: The carrying capacity is the ability of a wire to carry current. The carrying current of a wire is inversely proportional to its resistivity, directly proportional to its section, and inversely proportional to its length