EC High Frequency Transformer

What are the working modes of the high frequency transformer? The transformer that we commonly use is used no more than, boost voltage, step-down, store energy and filter these a few kinds of functions. But different transformers have different working modes. Let's take an inventory of several working modes of high-frequency transformers.1.Ac to ac 2.Ac to dc 3.DC to ac
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Product Details

Super EC high frequency transformer function same as any ee series high frequency transformer

High frequency transformer, because of the high frequency of magnetic field, eddy current builds up in the silicon steel sheet, silicon steel sheet converting speed can't keep up with the small magnet), so the high-frequency transformer generally use high frequency ferrite core.

Quick Details

Place of origin:Guangdong,China 

Brand Name:Feineng

Model Number:EC2834

Usage:TV,DVD,player,and audio,med…


Coil Structure:Toroidal

Coil Number:Autotransformer


Working frequency:20kHz-500KHz

Storage temper:25℃to+85℃

Type: Vertical or horizontal 

Coil Structure:Coil

Phase number:Single


lnput rated volt:Single-phase220V-230V or customize

Output voltage:According to the customer'a request

Temperature <85℃

Packaging &Delivery

Packaging Details

     Standard export carton outside,pallet and fo am inside; 
     Customer's packaging is available

Delivery Time

5-7 working days after payment confirmed

The EC high frequency transformer will be used PCB board , power supply, pulse transformer etc. 

include the specification as below: inductance, wire diameter , winding number (how many turns) etc. 


Design principles for high frequency power transformers
Emphasis on performance and efficiency, sometimes price and cost. Now, light, thin, short, small, become the development direction of high frequency power supply, is to emphasize reducing cost. The high frequency power transformer, which has become a big difficulty, needs more efforts in this aspect. Therefore, the "design essentials", performance and cost of high-frequency power transformer. If the design principles of high-frequency power transformer can be seriously considered and better performance and price ratio can be achieved, the high-frequency transformer of single-chip switching power supply which can deliver less than 10VA should be designed with lighter, thinner, shorter and smaller solutions. The law of market value is ruthless! Many products with good performance are often neglected and eliminated because the price cannot be accepted by the market. Often a new product is rejected by the cost. Save energy and money.

Product cost includes not only material cost, production cost, but also r&d cost and design cost. Therefore, in order to save time, according to the experience, iron losses of high frequency power transformer leakage inductance of the proportion of copper loss, and the proportion of excitation inductance, the original and deputy while winding loss ratio, current density, providing some reference data, filling degree of the window, winding wires and recommend some structure plan, don't click back and forth due to the calculation and simulation. The design principle is to achieve the best performance and price ratio in specific functions under specific conditions of use.






The ability of the inductor to suppress the ripple depends on the size of the self-inductance potential, namely the inductance, which is related to the magnetic permeability of the magnetic core. Ni80 Po alloy, cobalt-based amorphous alloy, fe-based microcrystalline nanocrystalline alloy have a large magnetic size rate and are at an advantage, while silicon steel and manganese zinc ferrite have a small magnetic permeability and are at a disadvantage.


Improving efficiency is a universal requirement for power supply and electronic transformers.Although, from the point of a single electronic transformer, the loss is not big, for example, 100 va power transformer, the efficiency was 98%, the loss is only 2 W is not much, but hundreds of thousands, millions of power transformer, a total loss could reach hundreds of W, or even millions of W, and many of the power transformer has been running for a long time, in a considerable loss, could reach tens of millions of KWh, obviously, improve the efficiency of electronic transformer, can save electricity, therefore, to improve efficiency is one of the main requirements for electronic transformer.