EC High Frequency Transformer

Super EC high frequency transformer Feneng, We are the specialized in EC high frequency transformer factory in China, welcome ! Guangzhou Feineng Electronic Co., Ltd produce High quality EC high frequency transformer with the best price We are specialized to customize EC high frequency...
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Product Details

Super EC high frequency transformer

High frequency transformer, because of the high frequency of magnetic field, eddy current builds up in the silicon steel sheet, silicon steel 

sheet converting speed can't keep up with the small magnet), so the high-frequency transformer generally use high frequency ferrite core.

Quick Details

Place of origin:Guangdong,China

Brand Name:Feineng

Model Number:EC2834

Usage:TV,DVD,player,and audio,med…


Coil Structure:Toroidal

Coil Number:Autotransformer


Working freque…20kHz-500KHz

Storage temper…­25℃to+85℃

External structu…Vertical or horizontal are availa…

Coil Structure:Coil

Phase number:Single


lnput rated volt…Single-phase220V-230V or 11…

Output voltage:According to the customer'a p…

Temperature ri…<85℃

Packaging &Delivery

Packaging Details

     Standard export carton outside,pallet and fo am inside;
     Customer's packaging is available

Delivery Time

5-7 working days after payment confirmed

Guangzhou  Feineng Electronic Co., Ltd produce High quality EC high  frequency  transformer with the competitive price

The EC high frequency transformer will be used PCB board , power supply, pulse transformer etc. 

include the specification as below, inductance, wire diameter , winding number (how many turns) etc. 


EC High frequency transformer apply to 

230v high frequency transformer,230v isolation transformers,24v small size transformer, 4 pin transformer, 5 pins audio transformer,50 amp transformer,50 hz pcb transformer, 50v ac dc led transformer,6 pins transformer,ac dc converter transformer etc. 


We have many models of EC 2834, EC2828  EC4215  EE8.3  EE10  EE13 EE16 EE19 EE22 EE25 PQ3220 PQ3225 PQ3230 EF25  series. 

For any item number, we need to know the type of horizonatl or vertical, inductance, wire diameter and winding number that we can make high frequency transformer accordingly 


We are specialized  to customize EC high frequency  transformer for buyers.   please send  your specification or  drawing to meet your needs. welcome your order


Well-developed EC high  frequency  transformer with  High standard packaging

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Why us ?

  1. More than 12 years’ production experience.

  2. Advanced machining and test equipment.

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  4. Companies strictly enforce the ISO9001 system to ensure  product quality.

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