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Super ER transformer appy to PCB, charger etc. Feneng company, the one of the largest professional manufacturers of ER transformer in China, welcome to the factory ! High quality ER transformer suitable for LED drive Feneng factory can customize ER transformer for the buyers. please send your...
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Super ER transformer appy to PCB, charger etc.

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Place of origin:Guangdong,China

Brand Name:FELENG

Model Number:EC2828



Coil Structure:Toroidal

Coil Number:Autotransformer

Cooling Method:Dry Type

Working freque…20kHz-500KHz

Material:Copper Winding

Winding Material:Copper100%

Storage temper…­25℃to+85℃




Product name:EC2828

Name:High Fequency Transformer

Packaging &Delivery

Packaging Details

Standard export carton

Delivery Time

Shipped within 5 days after pay ment

PQ type magnetic core

PQ core for switching power inductors and transformers. PQ shape optimization design of magnetic core volume, ratio between surface area and winding area; Design to provide maximum inductance and possible area for minimum core use; Such design, in the smallest transformer volume and weight, the maximum output power, and occupies the smallest PCB installation space; A pair of clamps can be used for fixation; The effective cross-sectional area design also makes the core magnetic circuit more uniform, so the core structure is smaller than the core structure design.


 E core

Compared with the canister type core, the e-type core has a lower cost and is relatively simple to assemble. The core shape is the most widely used one, but it cannot provide self-shielding. The E - core can be installed in different directions and can be used in several high power applications. The core can be made into a flat shape, and the planar transformer is now a very popular core shape. Also can provide no pin and pin type of skeleton, because it is very good heat dissipation, can be used superimposed, general power inductor and transformer used magnetic core shape.



Feneng  factory can customize ER transformer for the buyers.   please send  your specification or  drawing.



ER transformer Obtain a variety of new  patent certification.


Tips:Design of high frequency transformers, noun: what does "phase, homonym" refer to?

When the direction of the skeleton is constant, the primary winding and the secondary winding are 

wound in the same direction, then the wire end of the two windings started winding is the same end, that is, the phase is the same. And the end of the wire is also the same end.

Design steps:

Design steps:
Step 1: determine the number of turns on the original side. ; Certainly must first choose a magnetic core. Set the original edge is minimum input voltage VS, conduction time expressed with TON, also has set itself a core amplitude, I generally is from 0.2 to 0.25 T, because is the excitation transformer is without dc component, so this value can be compared with the flyback get bigger, the original edge number of turns NP = v * TON/AE * B, which AE is the core area.
The second step: paint the original edge current waveform, waveform of the primary side current value, to determine the line diameter. As shown in the figure below, because the current waveform from vice edge induction, the waveform is that part of the inductor current waveform switch tube conduction. The current waveform of the peak is the peak inductor current divided by the number of turns ratio, this will be, and the current waveform of the RMS = V/V) (IP * * under the square root of < (KRP square / 3 to KRP + 1) * D > then according to the current value to line selection, the above current density.
Step 3: determine the vice side of current waveform, find out the effective value of current waveform to a pair of side. Vice edge current waveform is a time when the switch tube opening that part of the inductive current, the waveform and primary side current waveform is similar, because the original edge of current waveform is by the induction of the past, and the effective value = IP * under the square root of < (KRP square / 3 to KRP + 1) * D >. Follow this to select the line.
Step 4: determine the self-feeding winding, which is generally opposite to the original side with the same name, and use magnetic reset to release the voltage and induce the voltage.