In Stock Wireless Charge Sterilizer Box

Wireless charge + UV disinfection,intelligent switch and protection,60 S quick disinfection,9 ultraviolet LED UVC light,360 degree disinfection in the UV off.sterilization rate up to 99.9%.we have the sterilizer box in stock ,can ship soon.

Product Details

Household LED UVC sterilizer box have small size ,easy to take,have the fragrance hole can drop the perfume ,make your products have good smell after disinfection.

★The sterilizer with UVC 253.7,it is a special wavelength for disinfection and sterilization.

★The wavelength can quickly destroy bacterial DNA and completely kill bacteria.

★Low temperature sterilizertion,wider application range,728 ml,high-capacity.

★There is no circuit at the bottom of the box ,you can clean it us water.

★Built-in sensor,intelligently stop disinfection after opening the cover,very safety.

★The inside of the box is a high-gloss surface that can refract UVC light.disinfect more thoroughly.

★Can put all the small things of life into the box to disinfection.

★The cover is a wireless charge,the funcation is very strong.

★UV disinfection box can  kill 99.9% of bacteria and you can drop the perfume what you like.

Sterilizer details5

                We can accept the customized,the colors and LOGO  





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