Air Copper Flat Inductor Coil

Super air copper flat inductor coil with the high quality Guangzhou Feineng Electronic Co., Ltd, the one of the largest professional companies of air copper flat inductor coil in China thanks for your cooperation. The best selling of air copper flat inductor coil apply to charger, led driver,...

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Super air copper flat inductor coil with the high quality

Inductors by skeleton commonly winding packaging materials and other components of the core or core of shielded enclosure 1 skeleton skeleton refers to the winding coil bracket some large fixed inductor or adjustable inductance (such as oscillation coil choke coil, etc.), most is the enameled wire (or cotton covered) around on the skeleton, then core or copper lumen loading such as heart core framework and to improve its inductance skeleton is usually plastic bakelite ceramics, according to the actual needs can be made into different shapes of small inductor (such as color code inductor) generally do not use the skeleton, but directly to the enameled wire around the coreHollow inductor (also called coil or hollow coil, and more used in high frequency circuit) without core skeleton and shield, etc., but around on the mold first and then take off the mold, and the coil away a certain distance between each circle 2 refers to the regulation function of a set of winding winding coil, it is an essential part of the inductor has the branch of monolayer and multilayer single-layer windings and a tightly wound (winding wires a circle by circle) and between around (winding when all have a certain distance between each circle wires) in two forms;Multi-layer winding with hierarchical level wound mess around the hive type 3 core and iron core and winding, and other commonly used magnet nickel zinc ferrite (NX series) or manganese zinc ferrite (MX series), and other materials, it has work glyph form E form cylindrical column cap, and other core materials are mainly silicon steel sheet shape 4 core permalloy etc., its appearance is E more

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Place of origin:Guangdong,China

Brand Name:Feleng

Model Number:Flat air Coil 8×3

Coil material:Copper

Certification:ISO9001:2008 RoHs

Shape:flat wire

Application:networks/switching and auto

Rated current As repuired

Wire:100% Copper Wire


Current Range:10A-200A

Business type:Manufacturer

Packing:Shipped within 5 days after pay

Packaging &Delivery

Packaging Details

Standard export carton

Delivery Time

Shipped winthin 5 days after pay

The best selling of air copper flat inductor coil apply to charger, led driver, pcb etc.  







Inductance is the ratio of the magnetic flux of a wire to the current producing the alternating flux around the inside of the wire when the current flowing through the wire is ac. When the dc current passes through the inductor, only a fixed magnetic field line appears around it, which does not change with time.

Copper coils

But when an alternating current is passed through the coil, it is surrounded by lines of magnetic force that change over time. According to Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction -- magnetoelectricity, a changing magnetic field line produces an induced potential at both ends of the coil, which is equivalent to a "new power supply". When a closed loop is formed, this induced potential produces an induced current. Lenz's law tells us that the total amount of magnetic field lines generated by induced current is intended to prevent the change of magnetic field lines. The change of magnetic field line is from the change of external alternating power supply, so the inductance coil has the characteristic of preventing the change of current in ac circuit from objective effect. The inductance coil has the characteristics similar to inertia in mechanics, which is called "self-induction" in electricity. Usually, sparks will occur at the moment when the knife switch is opened or switched on, which is caused by the high induction potential generated by self-induction phenomenon

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