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Super choke coil inductor factory made by Guangzhou Feineng , if you have your own drawing, or have actual picture, please send to me my email or Wechat, Sure, the sample would be welcome!
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Super choke coil inductor factory Guangzhou Feineng

the one of the largest professional manufacturers of choke coil inductor in south of China, welcome to customize !

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Place of origin:Guangdong,China

Brand Name:Feleng

Model Number:040-125

Coil material:Copper


Application:networks/switching and auto

Wire:100% Copper Wire


Current Range:10A-200A

Business type:Manufacturer

Packing:Shipped within 5 days after pa…



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Standard export carton

Delivery Time

Shipped winthin 5 days after pay


High quality choke coil inductor belong to magnetic core toroidal inductor








Can common inductor coils be divided into several types?

1, single layer coil

The single-layer coil is wound around the paper tube or bakelite skeleton in a circle with insulated wires. Such as a transistor radio wave antenna coil.

2, honeycomb coil

If the coil is wound, its plane is not parallel to the plane of rotation, but intersects at a certain angle. This coil is called a honeycomb coil. The number of times the wire is bent back and forth, which is often rotated, is often called the number of vertices. The advantage of the honeycomb type winding method is that the volume is small, the distributed capacitance is small, and the inductance is large. The honeycomb coils are all wound by a honeycomb winding machine. The more the folding points, the smaller the distributed capacitance.

3, ferrite core and iron powder core coil

The inductance of the coil is related to the presence or absence of a magnetic core. Inserting a ferrite core into the air core coil increases the inductance and improves the quality of the coil.

4, copper core coil

Copper core coils are used in the ultrashort wave range. The position of the copper core in the coil is used to change the inductance. This adjustment is convenient and durable.

5, color code inductor

A color code inductor is an inductor with a fixed inductance. The method of marking the inductance is marked with a color ring like a resistor.

6, choke (choke)

The coil that restricts the passage of alternating current is called a choke, and is divided into a high frequency choke coil and a low frequency choke coil.

7, deflection coil

The deflection yoke is the load of the output stage of the television scanning circuit. The deflection yoke requires: high deflection sensitivity, uniform magnetic field, high Q value and small volume.