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The parameters of the ferrite coil inductors are also different from those of the ordinary wire-wound inductance, which is used to evaluate the inhibitory effect of the inductance on the ac signal based on the magnitude of the inductance, while the ferrite inductance is used to evaluate how much the high-frequency signal is absorbed by the ferrite inductance
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About the coil inductors ferrite core material choosen

1, in the suppression of high-frequency interference, it is appropriate to choose nickel zinc ferrite; At 1MHZ-300MHZ, the resistance of ni - zn ferrite is very high.

2, in the suppression of low-frequency interference, it is appropriate to choose manganese zinc ferrite; At 1 KHZ - 10 MHZ frequency, resistance under 150 k Ω.

3. The known magnetic core can measure the inductance after winding some wires, so as to judge the magnetic conductivity. The larger the magnetic core is, the lower the frequency will be. The higher the permeability of ferrite, the greater the impedance at low frequency and the smaller the impedance at high frequency. Nickel zinc ferrite NXO material has a low initial magnetic conductivity of about 10-2500 and USES frequencies ranging from 500 KHZ to several hundred MHZ. High resistivity, high Curie temperature. The initial magnetic conductivity of MXO MZN ferrite material varies from 400 to 10000, with frequencies ranging from tens of KHZ to hundreds of KHZ. For upper limit frequency f1 below 500khz-1mhz. Beyond this frequency, a NiZn (nickel zinc NXO) material must be used.

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Place of origin:Guangdong,China 

Brand Name:Feleng

Model Number:Toroidal lnductor

Coil material:Copper


Application:networks/switching and auto

Wire:100% Copper Wire


Current Range:10A-200A

Business type:Manufacturer

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Tips What is the difference between patch inductance and patch magnetic bead ?

Inductors are energy storage elements, while magnetic beads are energy conversion (consumption) devices. The inductor is mainly used in the power filter circuit, focusing on restraining the conductive interference. Magnetic beads are mostly used in signal circuits, mainly in EMI. Magnetic beads are used to absorb uhf signals, such as some RF circuits, PLL, oscillation circuits, and uhf memory circuits (DDR, SDRAM,RAMBUS, etc.), all of which need to add magnetic beads in the power input part. Inductance is a kind of energy storage element, which is used in LC oscillation circuit, low-medium filter circuit, etc., and its application frequency range rarely exceeds 50MHz.Chip inductance: radio frequency (RF) and wireless communication, information technology equipment, radar detector, automotive electronics, cellular phone, pager, audio equipment, PDAs(personal digital assistant), wireless remote control system and low voltage power supply module, etc.Chip magnetic beads: clock generating circuit, filter between analog circuits and digital circuits, internal I/O input/output connector (such as serial, parallel, keyboard, mouse, long distance and local LAN), radio frequency (RF) logic circuit and interference between devices, power supply circuit high frequency conducted interference filter, computer, printer, video recorders (VCRS), EMI noise dampening in the television system and mobile phone