Toroidal Ferrite Core Inductor

Manganese zinc, nickel zinc, iron silicon aluminum! Yellow ring, green ring, yellow and white ring! Different materials of the magnetic ring, the use of different colors to distinguish the coating

Product Details

Toroidal Ferrite Core Inductor is a kind of electronic components, the main role is the role of an electromagnetic induction switch, simpler inductance can be a wire, it can be used to make the antenna converts electrical energy into electromagnetic waves, again a little bit complicated is hollow line graph, it can be used to frequency selective circuit and RF transmission circuit, the previous two inductance, and h inductor, which can be used to filter for energy storage and common-mode inductor available resistance to the effect of dry approach, etc.

Quick Details

Manufacturer: Feneng


Model Number:106-125

Type: iron silicon aluminum


Application:networks/switching power supply

Wire:100% Copper Wire


Current Range:10A-200A

Business type:Manufacturer

Packing:Shipped within 5 days after paym



The high quality toroidal ferrite core inductor product details





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