Toroidal Inductor Coil

We know the magnetic ring toroidal inductor coil selection, so how to choose quickly? First we need to choose the magnetic ring according to the power, then choose the wire diameter according to the working current, and then choose the magnetic ring with the appropriate volume and cost according to the wire diameter

Product Details

Super toroidal inductor coil work for high frequency products

Quick Details

Place of origin:Guangdong,China 

Brand Name:Feleng

Model Number:Toroidal lnductor

Coil material:Copper


Application:networks/switching and auto

Wire:100% Copper Wire


Current Range:10A-200A

Business type:Manufacturer

Packing:Shipped within 5 days after payment



Packaging &Delivery

Packaging Details

Standard export carton

Delivery Time

Shipped winthin 5 days after pay

1packCompany’s certificate

 Magnetic ring selected, and how to detect the magnetic ring  toroidal inductor  is good?

1. Use calipers to check whether the size of magnetic ring inductance meets the required standards
2. Use impedance meter to detect whether the impedance of magnetic ring inductance exceeds the required standard

3. Use the inductance meter to test whether the inductance meets the requirements



The color of the magnetic core after sintering is not necessarily related to the paint color after spraying. It's just some conventional correspondence. Like green - high dot; Two colors - iron powder core; Black + print - iron, silicon, aluminum, etc.

The color of the magnetic ring is habitual. If the customer has no special requirements, the factory will 

match the color according to the manufacturer's standards and requirements. High permeability products, the higher the permeability, the temperature is likely to be lower, but the inductance is higher, the number of winding can be less, line diameter can also choose a larger.

In order to solve the problem of the magnetic ring waveform, this paper gives an example of how to identify the magnetic ring waveform.

The yellow is the primary current waveform, and the other two are the secondary voltage waveform

The smooth section in the secondary current waveform is the dead zone time of alternating conduction of two pipes. In practice, the current of two secondary loops is defined as the same current direction, and the waveform should be the opposite of each other.

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