Toroidal Inductors Chokes

Super professional manufacturers of toroidal inductors chokes with the detail specification, the one of the largest factory in China, Fei neng company glad to customize the inductors chokes for buyers....
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Feineng brand toroidal inductors chokes hot sale in market

Quick Details

Place of origin:Guangdong,China 

Brand Name:Feleng

Model Number:Toroidal lnductor

Coil material:Copper


Application:networks/switching and auto

Wire:100% Copper Wire


Current Range:10A-200A

Business type:Manufacturer

Packing:Shipped within 5 days after payment



Packaging &Delivery

Packaging Details

Standard export carton

Delivery Time

Shipped winthin 5 days after pay

High quality toroidal inductors chokes with the detail specification 

Type: Magnetic core toroidal inductor

Size: 15mmx15mm

Material: Copper wire, Mn-Zn magnet ring

Features: 1. Anti-interference component commonly used in electronic circuit.

                2. Braided wire with a variety of ways, the size of the hole from PCB borad matched with the size of the foot. 

                3. Higher voltage resistant, triple indulation wire can be used to braided wire. 

Application: Applicable to all kinds of electronic and electrical equipments, household appliances, military products , security products etc. 




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Reasons for easy damage of Toroidal Inductors Chokes:

1, magnetic core inductance, the magnetic core is relatively fragile, there is no outer quilt cover, fall to the hard floor, easy to damage the ring, transport without good protection impact force will also make the magnetic core damage.
2. When the required power of the circuit is greater than that of the inductor, the inductor will be damaged due to heating.
3, the back part of the magnetic loop inductor output circuit has a short circuit problem, causing the inductor heating and loss of the ring.