Toroidal Power Inductor

Toroidal power inductor is a common anti-interference element in electronic circuits, which has a good suppression effect on high frequency noise.

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Super toroidal power inductor factory Feneng

 Toroidal power inductor  is a common anti-interference element in electronic circuits, which has a good suppression effect on high frequency noise. It is generally made of ferrite material (mn-zn). The magnetic ring has different impedance characteristics at different frequencies. In general, the impedance is very small at low frequencies. When the signal frequency increases, the impedance of the magnetic ring increases sharply. As you all know, the higher the signal frequency, the easier radiation (buy high-quality computer case is also to reduce the electromagnetic leakage), and general signal lines are no shielding layer, then the signal is very good antenna, receiving all kinds of clutter in the surrounding environment of high frequency signals, and the signal superimposed on the original transmission signal, useful signals may even change the original transmission. Under the action of magnetic ring, the normal and useful signals can be well passed, and the high-frequency interference signals can be well inhibited, and the cost is low. So it's no surprise that you can see them on display cables, USB cables, and even on high-end keyboards and mice.

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Place of origin:Guangdong,China

Brand Name:FELENG

Model Number:lnductor Coil

Storage temper…­25℃ to + 85℃

Producf Nme:inductor coil

Work temperat…­40℃ to + 125℃


Packing:hard carton


Application:High Fequency Applications

Material:Copper Wire

lnductance:Support Custom


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Packaging Details

Standard export carton

Delivery Time

Shipped winthin 5 days after pay

Toroidal power inductor iron powder core magnetic ring - light green and red coated 18 (initial magnetic conductivity 55)

Material 18: light green body, red underside -- like material 8, this material has low core loss, high permeability and low cost, and good DC saturation characteristics.



Well-developed toroidal power inductor with exquisite workmanship and perfect details.


Best-selling of toroidal power inductor Comply with CE, ISO,ROHS certification.



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