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Guangzhou feineng electric co., ltd specialized in produce common mode choke coil in China, welcome the all friends! the product apply for led driver or switching power supply, charger, inverter etc.

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Super product of common mode choke coil in market

Feneng, We are specialize in produce common mode choke coil in China, welcome the all friends!

inverter  etc.

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Place of origin:Guangdong,China 

Brand Name:FELENG

Model Number:lnductor Coil

Storage temper:­25℃to+85℃

Product Name:inductor coil

Work temper: 40℃to+125℃


Packing:Standard export carton


Application:High Frequency Applications

Material:Copper Wire

lnductance:Support Custom


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Packaging Details

Standard export carton

Delivery Time

Shipped winthin 5 days after pay

The high quality common mode choke coil apply for led driver or switching power supply, charger, 


Guangzhou  Feineng Electronic Co., Ltd have capable to customize common mode choke  coil for buyers.  please send   your specification or drawing.

The common mode choke  coil  , production details that stand up to scrutiny




 Inductance is an energy storage element used in power filter circuit. Magnetic ring inductance is no exception. The common mode inductance is strictly a magnetic ring inductance, which is composed of a soft magnetic core and two coaxially wound coils, as shown in the figure below. For the differential mode signal, the magnetic fields generated by the two coils are in opposite directions, so they cancel each other. The iron core is not magnetized and has no inhibitory effect on the signal. For common mode signals, the core is magnetized because the magnetic fields generated by the two coils do not cancel each other but overlap. Due to the high magnetic conductivity of the core material, the core will produce a large inductance, and the impedance of the coil will inhibit the passage of the common mode signal.

Common mode noise is generated by switching devices on and off. It can be decomposed into different harmonic forms and has a wide spectrum. Interference signals below 30MHz are generally transmitted by conduction. In order to filter the common mode interference more effectively, the common mode inductance should have enough inductance in the first place. On the other hand, the frequency characteristic of the core material is also a key factor to determine the device performance. Because common mode interference has a wide spectrum, the impedance of the core to common mode interference only has a maximum value in a particular frequency band. Therefore, in order to filter out common mode interference in a certain band, the frequency characteristics of the core should make the impedance of the device at that band have the maximum mismatching with the following circuit, so as to generate enough loss to the common mode interference (called insertion loss). For common mode signals, the common mode inductance can be equivalent to a series of resistance and inductance.

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