UU9.8 line filter choke

Analysis and improvement of inductance defect caused by improper turn-to-turn of UU9.8 filter common model inductor:Less number of turns Short circuit between turns, resulting in reduced actual winding number Foreign matter or damaged magnetic core Improper glue, resulting in uneven glue on the magnetic core tension, lead to poor magnetic core interface.

Product Details

Characteristics of UU9.8 inductance

UU9.8 inductance has the characteristics of small size, convenient winding, low price and high reliability

Application of uu9.8 inductance 

uu9.8 inductance is often used in common mode filter inductance, drive transformer, current transformer

Quick Details

Place of origin:Guangdong,China

Business type:Factory

Model Number:UU9.8

Material:Mn-Zn ferrite core

Operating Temperature:­40℃to+125℃

Working frequency:20kHZ-500kHZ



Product Name:Ferrite Ring Core lnductor


lnductance:Support Custom

Shipping:DHL UPSFed Ex EMS








Tips: Improve the UU9.8 filter common  model inductor countermeasures
For the wires in stock of more than 3 months, all the wires should be pinhole tested before going online, so as to prevent the use of defective materials online in advance.
Warehouse inventory must follow the principle of first in, first out.
Modify the operation process, first test the high pressure and then test the sensitivity, in order to prevent defective products found out of the factory.


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