Aluminum Amplifier Enclosure

- Jul 15, 2019-

Aluminium and aluminium alloy USES editor is one of the more common brand: 1060, 2024, 5052, 6061, 6063, 7075, 1060:1060 genera of ordinary industrial pure aluminum, aluminum content not less than 99.60%, its characteristic is: low strength, strain hardening is the only way to strengthen thermal and cold work performance is good, high thermal conductivity, excellent corrosion resistance performance good resistance to corrosion can be widely used for forming welding industrial equipment, also can be used as an electric conductor materials, 2024:2024 alloy composition and organization of the same as the 2 a12 alloy, only 2124 alloy impurities of Fe Si content in the lower limit of 2024 alloy thick plate and plate profile has been successfully used in the manufacture of aircraft skin of rocket compartment integral wing tank wall plate beams etc. 5052:5052 alloy magnesium content is 2.5%, in the aluminum - magnesium antirust aluminum belongs to the lower amount of magnesium is widely used in all kinds of fuels and fuel pipe and fuel tank manufacturing of ship and transportation of the parts sheet metal products instrument lamps stent rivets and wire, etcFor Al - Mg alloy, 6061-6061 - Si can be reinforced aluminum alloy heat treatment, can be processed into plate tube bar wire and forgings are widely used in building material, need good corrosion resistant performance of large parts, truck ship railway vehicle parts, pipe, household etc. 6063:6063 for Al - Mg - Si alloy can be reinforced aluminum alloy heat treatment, can squeeze into a bar section pipe is widely used in building structural materials and decoration materials, such as the elevator door window frame wall container furniture, as well as the plane light industry department of the ship7075:7075 alloy is al-zn-mg-cu super hard aluminum, it is characterized by good plasticity after solid solution treatment, heat treatment strengthening is very obvious can be processed into plates (aluminum and aluminum), pipe profiles, bars and forgings are mainly used for aircraft structural parts and other high strength anti-corrosion structural parts.

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