Aluminum extruded enclosure size list

- May 22, 2019-

The specific size of the aluminum extruded enclosure is available for customers' reference. If you can not find what you want, you can send us an inquiry for customization

Enclosure Size Chart

95mmX55.2mm KS-0256 195.6mmX76.8mm KS-0268/0269 95.2mmX55.15mm KS-0361/0362 102mmX53.5mi
KS-PJ-5A 95mmX55.21mm KS-0370-C 100_5mmX58.2mm KS-0253/0254 97mmX53.5mm KS-0363/0364  124mmX72.3m
KS-0245 63mmX38mm KS-0370-B 100.5mmX59.03mm KS-03500-A/B 104.95mmX60.25mm KS-0332 h00.5mmx103.28n
KS-0403/0404 95.2mmX54.74mm KS-0374/0375 120.5mmX67.9mm KS-0257 133mmX58mm KS-0387/0389 130.8mmX59mn
KS-0246/KS-0247 87mmX48mm KS-0365/0366 131mmX60mm KS-0401/0402 150mmX75mm KS-0387/0388 131mmX59mm
KS-0311 68.6mmX46.5mm KS-0373/0429 202mmX91mm KS-0291/0292 200mmX102.05mm KS-0302 164.5mmX124mt
KS-0310 101.5mmX47.6mm KS-0440/0441 102mmX58.1mm KS-0336 153mmX56.8mm KS-0404/0409 95.2mmX55.2mn
KS-0250/KS-0251 150mmX69.8mm KS-0373 202mmX77mm KS-0268-2/0269-2 95.2mmX54mm KS-0371 90.75mmX5B.48m
KS-0385 200mmX89.5mm KS-0419 164.5mmX85mm KS-0348/0349 105mmX58mm KS-0338-A/B 25.75mmX51.25m
KS-0251 150mmX51.6mm KS-0278 80mmX45mm KS-0451/0452 150mmX70mm KS-0431 88mmX35mm
KS.0285 120mmX45.5mm KS-0279 76mmX46.3mm KS-0425/0426 169.5mmX67.2mm KS-0333-A/B 100mmX49.5mm
KS-0250/0249 150mmX106.2mm KS-0411 73mmX45mm KS-0251/0252 150mmX56.8mm KS-0455/0429 202mmX94.45mm
KS-0250 150mmX88mm KS-0429 61mmX26.2mm KS-0250/0252 150mmX75mm KS-0461 77mmX35.5mm
KS-02840/2841 195mmX97mm KS-0439 105mmX48mm KS-0380-A/B 131.5mmX27.5mm KS-0330/0331 94mmX55mm
KS-0282 105mmX48mm KS-0347 148.5mmX41.5mm KS-0424 115.13mmX46.5mm R-8026 80.3mmX26.3mm


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