Aluminum PCB Enclosure

- Jul 18, 2019-

Aluminium alloy welding method
Argon tungsten arc welding
Tig welding is mainly used for aluminum alloys and is a good welding method. However, tig welding equipment is more complex and is not suitable for operating in open air.
2. Resistance spot welding and seam welding
This welding method can be used to weld aluminum alloy sheet with thickness less than 5mm. But the equipment used in welding is more complex, welding current, high productivity, especially suitable for mass production of spare parts.
Pulse argon arc welding
Pulsed argon arc welding can improve the stability of the welding process. Parameters can be adjusted to control the arc power and weld formation. The welding parts have small deformation and small heat affected area, especially suitable for welding of thin plates, all-position welding and other occasions as well as the welding of forged aluminum, duralumin and super-duralumin with strong thermal sensitivity [1].
4. Friction stir welding
Friction stir welding is first and mainly used in aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy and other light metal structure fields more and more widely. The biggest characteristic of this method is that the welding temperature is lower than the melting point of materials, which can avoid the cracks, porosity and other defects caused by fusion welding.

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