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- Jul 01, 2019-

Pure aluminum is divided into smelting products and pressure processed products. The former is represented by chemical composition Al, while the latter is represented by LV (aluminum, industrial). Aluminum alloy can be divided into deformation aluminum alloy and casting aluminum alloy by processing method: deformation aluminum alloy can withstand pressure processing. Can be processed into a variety of shapes, specifications of aluminum alloy. Mainly used for manufacturing aviation equipment, building doors and Windows, etc. The deformation aluminum alloy is divided into non-heat treatment strengthened aluminum alloy and heat treatment strengthened aluminum alloy. Non-heat treatment type can not improve mechanical properties by heat treatment, only through cold processing deformation to achieve strengthening, it mainly includes high purity aluminum, industrial high purity aluminum, industrial pure aluminum and rustproof aluminum. Heat treatable strengthened aluminum alloy can improve its mechanical properties by means of quenching and aging. It can be divided into hard aluminum, forged aluminum, super hard aluminum and special aluminum alloy.

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