Analysis of high frequency transformer defect reasons and improvement countermeasures

- Aug 06, 2019-

High Frequency Transformer is one of the most critical components in the electronic system. It is responsible for voltage transformation, energy distribution and transmission. In this paper, some common defects of electrical characteristics in transformer production process are analyzed and countermeasures are proposed.

Why the bad winding number of Switching Mode Transformer ?

Winding machine digital display and machine equipment fault;
Compared with the previous manual winding machine operation, due to the use of the machine for a long time or poor maintenance, resulting in gear and counter gear wear serious, the display data is different from the actual number of turns (basically, except for the engineering rarely use this kind of winding machine).

There is a brake sensor in the winding machine, which is damaged after a long time, causing the machine's brake is not working properly, and it cannot brake when the correct winding number is reached, so the winding number is bad.

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