Analysis of the heat source of the inverter case and the heat dissipation principle of the inverter

- May 19, 2019-

In the summer operation of the inverter, the shell temperature is relatively high touch will feel hot. So is the inverter case housing hot or not hot? And why does the case feel hot? In the following two questions for the combination of inverter cooling to do some analysis and solution.

Best heat conductivity of silver, copper, gold, and then the aluminum, and aluminum radiator is usually used to make mainly because: compared with gold, silver, copper, aluminum, light weight, the price is cheap and corrosion resistance, the use of processing equipment can be made into all kinds of complicated shape, can satisfy the requirement of electronic of electric power industry for radiator, therefore is considered to be the best material to make the radiator.

The components in the inverter have their rated operating temperature, if the inverter heat dissipation performance is poor, as the inverter continues to work, the components of the heat transfer to the outside, the temperature will be higher and higher. High temperature will reduce the performance and life of components. In order to maintain the working temperature of components inside the inverter within the rated temperature range and ensure its efficiency and service life, it is necessary to transfer the heat inside the inverter with heat-conducting materials.

From the perspective of heat conduction, the more balanced the internal and external temperature of the inverter, that is, the closer the temperature of the internal heating components, radiator and shell is, the better the thermal conductivity is. If the inverter is cold outside and hot inside, it means that the heat dissipation performance of the inverter is not good.

The principle of heat dissipation of the inverter is similar to that of the single-layer cup, which can transfer the heat of the internal components of the inverter quickly, achieve the purpose of rapidly reducing the temperature of the internal components of the inverter, and improve the working and service life of the inverter.     

Inverter case as below