Anodized Aluminum Enclosure

- Jul 25, 2019-

Reasonable selection of specification parameters
The physical and chemical properties of aluminum alloy and steel are far from each other.
1. large welding current
Aluminum alloy itself has high thermal conductivity (about 4 times that of steel) and fast heat dissipation. Therefore, at the same welding speed, the heat input of aluminum alloy is 2 ~ 4 times larger than that of steel. If the heat input is not enough, the problem of insufficient fusion depth or even incomplete fusion may occur, especially at the beginning of the weld.
2. wire feeding speed shall be appropriately raised
Wire feeding speed is closely related to current, voltage and other specification parameters, and match each other. When the welding current is increased, the wire feed speed should be increased accordingly.
3. selection of welding speed
For the thin plate welding seam, in order to avoid the welding seam overheating, generally USES the small welding current and the fast welding speed; For thick plate welds, a large welding current and a slow welding speed are adopted to make the weld fusion and the weld gas fully escape.
4.welding gun Angle selection
General control on the direction of welding, welding torch Angle at 90 °, is too large and too small will cause weld defects. Welding gun Angle is too large to cause insufficient gas protection and gas holes; If the Angle is too small, liquid aluminum may reach the front end of the arc, so that the arc cannot directly act on the weld and cause the fusion [2].

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