Causes and solutions of air bubbles on the surface of aluminum profiles

- Apr 16, 2019-

When extruding aluminum profiles, air must be avoided to avoid the presence of residual air, resulting in various defects in the post-processing.
1. Improper oil application results in product bubbles.
Solution: apply oil correctly and use less oil. Strengthen the training of staff's pre-job operation technology;
2. The overpressure is too thin, which causes the metal in the shunt hole to be pulled out during shearing, leaving a gap in the shunt hole of the mold.
Solution: according to the tonnage of the extruder, set aside a reasonable residual thickness, according to the single weight of the profile, the number of raw materials and other process parameters to determine the reasonable length of aluminum rod;
3. Design the flat die welding room for the extrusion die, and the diverging die's diverging hole is too large, resulting in the bubble flowing into the cavity.
Solution: reduce the size of flat die welding chamber, and reduce the split die hole, more than 5MM from the single side of the extrusion barrel.

Through the analysis and comparison of the traditional and improved aluminum bar casting, extrusion and mold design and manufacturing process, it can be known that it is very critical and important to improve the output efficiency of extrusion profile, improve the control of the extrusion surface requirements, and solve the bubbles in the extrusion profile production.