Device Box Case design

- Jun 21, 2019-

Silicon caused corrosion behavior of 6063 aluminum alloy profile completely can be prevented and controlled, as long as the purchase of raw materials, alloy composition for effective control, ensure magnesium, silicon ratio in the range of 1.3 ~ 1.7, and strictly control the parameters of every working procedure, avoid silicon segregation and free, try to make the silicon and magnesium, to form beneficial Mg2Si strengthening phase.
If found to have this kind of silicon corrosion phenomenon, should pay special attention to in surface treatment, in the process of degreasing degreasing, try to use weak alkaline bath, if conditions don't allow, also should be soaked in acid in addition to the oil time shorten (qualified aluminum in acidic degreasing fluid into 20 ~ 30 min, no problem, but there is a problem of profile can only be placed on 1 ~ 3 min), and after washing water pH value is higher than some (pH > 4, control the Cl - content), as far as possible to extend the time of corrosion, in the process of alkali corrosion using nitric acid and the light in the light, When sulfuric acid is anodized, it should be electrified and oxidized as soon as possible, so that the dark gray corrosion point caused by silicon is not obvious and can meet the use requirements.

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