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- Jul 21, 2019-

Selection of shielding gas
Ar100% is characterized by stable arc and convenient arc ignition. Ar100% is generally used for welding the base metal with a thickness of less than 8mm. For the welding seams with high requirements on base metal and porosity of 8mm and above plate thickness, Ar70%+ he30% shall be adopted for welding. Helium gas features: 9 times the thermal conductivity of argon gas, faster welding speed, less porosity, and increased penetration. Deep penetration of Ar100% and Ar70% +He30% for heavy plate welding. The larger the gas flow is not better, the flow will cause turbulence, resulting in inadequate molten pool protection, air and deposited metal reaction, will change the weld microstructure, so that the performance decline, and the tendency to produce welding porosity increase.

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