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- Jun 20, 2019-

Mg2Si is controlled at 0 in 6063 aluminum alloy profile. 75% ~ 0. 80% range, has been able to meet the mechanical properties of the requirements. Under the condition of normal extrusion coefficient (greater than or equal to 30), the tensile strength of the sections is within the range of 200 ~ 240 MPa. But this control alloy, not only the material plasticity is good, is easy to extrude, the corrosion resistance is high and the surface treatment performance is good, but also may economize the alloy element. But special attention should also be paid to the impurity Fe strict control. If the Fe content is too high, the extrusion pressure will increase, the surface quality of the extruded material will become worse, the anodic oxidation color difference will increase, the color is gray and dull, Fe also reduces the plasticity and corrosion resistance of the alloy. Practice shows that Fe content is controlled at 0. 15% ~ 0. The 25% range is ideal

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