Does the transformer have radiation

- Jul 31, 2018-

Does the high frequency transformer have radiation?

First of all, the high frequency transformer must have radiation. During the operation of the transformer, in addition to the environmental noise, there will be electromagnetic radiation. If the electromagnetic radiation exceeds the specified energy limit, the electromagnetic radiation pollution will be formed. Electromagnetic radiation pollution can cause a lot of harm, among which the harm to the human body is mainly to cause the human plant nervous function disorder, blood pressure, blood phase imbalance, and even damage to the eyes.

Compared with high frequency transformers, the radiation of power frequency transformers is not serious. But the power of this power transformer is very large, electromagnetic radiation is also very strong, preferably far away.
Generally speaking, transformers should do shielding, electromagnetic radiation and the outside isolation. The power transformer is completely open. It's okay to be around this thing twice at a time, but you're around this thing for a long time. For the sake of health and offspring, it's best to stay away from it.

Transformer radiation several meters is harmful
The electromagnetic radiation of general distribution transformers is not large, and the metal case can shield a considerable part of the electromagnetic radiation. Generally, the electromagnetic radiation intensity above 5 meters from the transformer is negligible. If it's just a short stay, just enough insulation is enough. For example, the distance between bare conductors with a distance voltage of 10kV in the air is not less than 150mm.